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Protect the boat storms, hurricanes and bad weather

Time is increasingly unpredictable. Although we deny the existence of climate change, it is true that we are, today, a changing and more extreme weather . Some time ago, for example, we just realized that there was no snow on Christmas in many locations that years ago were covered with white for those dates. Winter, currently has more storms, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods, and, apparently, of an intensity that is increasing.

We are lovers of the sea and a little bad weather did not embitter the day. However, it is worrying when a storm of great magnitude crosses the coast. We all think about our boats and how intense rain, rough seas and strong winds can damage each boat near a mooring.

Today we want to present different options to protect your boat . We summarize everything you can do on your own:

Be informed

Today and with all available communication, we can expect the authorities to let us know in advance if there is a risk of storm approaching the coast. It is important to keep up to date at all times and informed of weather conditions near the boat.

You should be able to easily relocate your boat when a storm approaches.

Move the boat

The best option and the safest is always ward off the boat the highest possible water or danger . If you have a trailer or boat sailing away your water and waves. If you use a trailer, always check that this is in good condition to be used immediately if necessary.


Check tires (including the spare), wheel bearings, trailer hitch and lights. If you have the chance, place your boat and trailer in a garage. If you must be outdoors, be sure there are no trees or other large objects nearby that could be pulled or knocked down by the wind.

Increases the weight of your boat towed by filling it with fresh water and leaving it without draining (boats with inboard motor must be drained to avoid damage to the motor). Insert wooden blocks between the trailer frame and springs for additional support to the added weight.

Although it is advisable that nothing about, as we mentioned above, so that the wind does not drag anything against the boat in a forum explaining something that is interesting. A user says you can to tar the boat with the trailer very stable, like a tree, to ensure that it does not take the wind or water.

What if you can not move the boat?

The worst place for boats are davits and lifts. Prevent your ship is so exposed when the storm comes. Davits and lifts can cause serious damage to the boat.

Another cause of damage are piers and moorings narrow and fixed – estimated this risk before the storm and assesses whether it is adequately protected.

What should I do?

Moors the boat on a dock that has strong pillars and provide a reasonable shelter from open water and storm surge. Fold all mooring lines but provides enough clearance for your boat can come up with the highest tides. You can use several anchors at different ends of the ship. Take everything that is not fixed on the boat so that the wind does not take anything.

It covers the entire outside of the boat with protective friction (double neoprene garden hose cut along the side) and put additional guards at the points where you think the storm could cause more damage (the more the better).


Use a cover or cover is not recommended. Probably it will be destroyed and the wind will have too much surface.

You can secure your boat to be protected. There are specific insurance companies and you can find more information about coverage in case of storms.